Saturday, November 25, 2006

Posting the "Perfect Pics"

We sorted through several sets of photos. Then I put the representative ones in a folder titled "E&G's Wedding. Then I culled one more time, putting the best in the folder called "perfect pics."

These are not Pulitzer Prize winners. The production values are not the highest. They were not framed to exact specifications. Some could not be rescued, even with PhotoShop.

But taken together, they are the reception for Husband RJ and me. It's confusing; the party is now a blur to us. They are limited, because a night-time reception--with candles and mood lighting--does not make great photos. Some are abysmally dark and unfocused, because we were primarily there to party, not to document.

Until we sort through the photographer's album, though, these are the best. They are tacked on to the site with the Bakers' snaps. The official ones will be scanned and presented as, I guess, a story.

Two weeks' vacation was not enough. Two months' might have given me enough time to prepare, party--and crash--and still recover enough to put together the post.

I am still left-over tired (at Thanksgiving time, 2006). Not that I wish I were in my 20's again. But I sure could use the energy.

And the holidays begin this week.

But it was a Glorious Party!!!

Little Pond

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