Saturday, November 25, 2006

Posting the "Perfect Pics"

We sorted through several sets of photos. Then I put the representative ones in a folder titled "E&G's Wedding. Then I culled one more time, putting the best in the folder called "perfect pics."

These are not Pulitzer Prize winners. The production values are not the highest. They were not framed to exact specifications. Some could not be rescued, even with PhotoShop.

But taken together, they are the reception for Husband RJ and me. It's confusing; the party is now a blur to us. They are limited, because a night-time reception--with candles and mood lighting--does not make great photos. Some are abysmally dark and unfocused, because we were primarily there to party, not to document.

Until we sort through the photographer's album, though, these are the best. They are tacked on to the site with the Bakers' snaps. The official ones will be scanned and presented as, I guess, a story.

Two weeks' vacation was not enough. Two months' might have given me enough time to prepare, party--and crash--and still recover enough to put together the post.

I am still left-over tired (at Thanksgiving time, 2006). Not that I wish I were in my 20's again. But I sure could use the energy.

And the holidays begin this week.

But it was a Glorious Party!!!

Little Pond

Resting Amidst the Packages and Disarray

MammaDog off her feet for a few. This was the time to enjoy the lovely gown. All the attendants are moving out of range of the camera, and the grounds of the Fontainebleau are filling with SUV's and Jeeps. This is a peaceful moment that belies the chaos outside as people head for the Lawrence Chapel in the wind and threatening rain.

The Bridal Gown

Now the jitters are beginning to creep in. My precious daughter is almost too nervous to enjoy the moment. Slightly teary, too.
Everyone asked me why I wasn't crying. Commanders In Chief do not cry until after the battle.

The Little Blonde from across the Street

Jackie's been our neighbor for more than a decade.

Another one of my de facto daughters.

Absolutely my favorite shot of the Groomsmen

Fall Flowers to a Triple Chocolate Cake

Need I say more?

Omaha Beach before the Onslaught

The Fontainebleau is a beautiful place for a wedding.
Tables were set by Sweet N Saucy.

MammaDog in Her Glory

A Program Note:

None of the traditional music was used in this wedding and reception. Emily chose cello music for the ceremony and an eclectic mix of modern, jazz and swing for the reception.
It worked out well. Only later did I realize there was no Hokey Pokey or Chicken Dance. The kids do things there own way.

And You're Daddy's Little Girl.

The Bride and her father, Husband RJ. Childhood friend, and the next Bride to Be, Jackie, in red with camera.

When Did This Young Man Grow So Tall?

Sunrise, sunset.
Groom and his mother, Dorey.

Two and One Half Generations

Baby Boomer in the middle.
Generation X at right.
What do they call our kids? What does that make the VeggiGirl?

No Cramming Allowed!

The kids were forewarned that we would not tolerate the cake smearing nonsense we've seen elsewhere. It would be a crime to desecrate this triple chocolate cake!

My Inlaws

Husband RJ's brother Alan and Lady Friend Betsy.
Love them to pieces!

Where Emily gets her looks.

She doesn't look like me.
She looks like Carol. See the nose, lips and eyes.

When the Bakers Party, Everyone Dances

Led by the Cecile and Stephen Baker.
My parents still dance all the time.

New InLaws

The Bride between the Mother of the Groom and her Gentleman Friend.

Old Friends, New Family!

A photo of the Posts.
MammaDog, PoppaDog, Geoff Sr. and Miranda.

Couple meet the extended family.

Actually, the bride met all these people years ago, but we live in two different states. This wedding is the first coming together of Upstate New York and Massachusetts in about five or six years.

New Relatives?

Dorey, the mother of the groom, and her escort and parents. All very nice people. We look forward to cookouts in Da Glow with them next summer.